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Friday, November 28, 2008

I Am Not Dead!!

Rather than leaving my blog without any updates, I better write something before being criticize for not updating. So, this is Week 3 of my short second semester. As stated in the title of this post, I am obviously still alive. In fact, I just came back from the gym. I myself find it hard to believe that I would hit the gym, but what else can I do when I am stuck in this dead place called Cyberjaya?

I think I should make some comment on my lecture classes. I am currently taking two subjects this semester; Physical Electronics as well as Computer Organization and Architecture. First off, there is an utterly overused of my name or rather the SI unit for temperature, Kelvin, in Physical Electronics class. You know, when someone called your name out loud and you will twitch to look to the direction of the sound kind of feeling? That's how I felt. Everytime the lecturer mentioned 'Kelvin', I would just felt uneasy. Anyway, I guess now I can control myself and got used to all that.

I better not talk much on the second subject I am taking. There's so much to complain about that particular subject. It is a total waste of my time, and my money to take this subject. Everything taught seems so common. Imagine learning about the History of Computers all over again...

By the way, last Saturday, I went to Gua Tempurung as well as around Ipoh town under Tourism Club. I'll update about that once I got the pictures. As starter, I must admit, Gua Tempurung is worth every cent I paid to go in there. Getting down and dirty, being 'trapped' in the cave for almost three hours, I totally loved it. I am absolutely looking forward for another visit in the near future.

That's all for now I guess to warm up myself in order for me to update my blog as regularly as possible.


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Back at Last

It had been a long time since this blog was last updated by me. As a matter of fact, I actually made the decision to go on hiatus for the whole last semester. It allows me to reconstruct what I wanted to write in the future. I find my writing is on the verge of being gloomy and a little bit too personal at times.

So, as for now, I am about to start a whole new semester which I hope to be a better one. I will write more as soon as possible. I guess that is all I can bring myself to write now.


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Back to Cyberjaya

Okay, since I have some free time now, I will do some short update. I am thinking of posting my visit to the Japanese buffet yesterday, but I guess that can wait.

Currently, I just finished cleaning my room in the hostel. Yup. Today is the hostel registration day for me. I am now staying in HB2 (previously HB1). New room in the new block marks new resolution, new semester, new academic year, and so on. Enough said, I will show the current view I am overlooking out my hostel window:

And, this is part of my room:

Oh ya, I had my breakfast with my sister just now in OldTown Cafe. I ate Nasi Lemak, but I can't finish it most probably because I ate too much last night as well as I am nervous coming back here.


Friday, June 13, 2008

When Plane Goes Crazy

First of, I encountered the weirdest experience yesterday. I had been a long day. I am to take a plane to go back to KL from KT. My flight was scheduled to depart at 9.20 pm on the 12th of June.

First scenario:
Unfortunately, a day before my flight, which was on the 11th, I received a SMS from Air Asia telling me that it was retimed to 10.35 pm instead of the original time. I just accepted what they got to offer since I can’t do anything to make the flight earlier.

Second scenario:
So, I went to the airport around 9 pm. I boarded the plane at about 10.30 pm. Soon, the plane gathered its momentum, picked up speed and took off leaving Sultan Mahmud Airport behind. During the “took off” period, the smell of ‘smoke’, or I can say ‘chao hoi da’ (Hokkien) smell began to fill the air inside the aircraft. I never really bother to care though about what is going to happen next, only to wish deep inside my heart to reach the destination faster.

After about 10 to 15 minutes of flying, the lighting inside the aircraft still had not on despite the fact that the plane was stabilized (It is quite unusual). Curiosity crept in me as the lights on the emergency exit flickered on. Cabin crews were running along the middle of the aircraft. Not long after that, about 11 pm, the pilot announced through the speaker, “Cabin crews please be seated for landing”. I was like ‘Huh!’ (Jaw dropped). I sensed the passengers aboard had the same feeling like me.

I felt the plane maneuvered to turn back. By looking out in the dark, I saw that the plane was actually hanging very low in the air. It was slightly above the sea. Perhaps, I guessed if we were to crash, the sea would probably be the safest place. I am also thinking of my laptop and stuff being wet if we landed on the sea. To my relief, we touched down again at the Sultan Mahmud Airport. Safe and sound!

As the plane came to a halt, some people started to stand up to retrieve their luggage. I even heard one of the cabin crew saying, “Pak Cik, sila duduk”. Some people on their handphones which were then being dismiss off the action by the crews on board. We waited patiently. The captain announced that there were smoke, and they were currently looking for the source.

Around 11.30 pm, we were ordered to leave the aircraft, and wait in the departure hall as the searching of the source continued in the cabin. In the departure hall, people were talking as if the place was a night market. I sat there looking around doing my usual ‘people watching’; there were a group of teenagers about my age just back from Redang Island, men and women of the business having a trip to Kuala Terengganu, families of three most probably came for vacation, “Mak Cik and Pak Cik” as well as couples.

At 12 am, the flight was officially cancelled. It would be replaced the next morning (this morning in my time of blogging). Then again there were frenzied as people enquired more at the counter – some asking for refunds, some trying to get the new flight itinerary.
I called my parents to come fetch me, and I am back again to my house. How ironic!

Scenario 3:
This morning, when I was on my way to the airport (again), I saw the group of teenagers waiting outside Permai Park Inn with a lot of other people. I knew it because the guy was using the same bag as I am during my time in campus (the orange Reebok bag). I guessed the not local passengers were accommodated there. Today’s flight was very full. After reaching LCCT, I took a cab back to my house. Wow, what a start to my new trimester of Gamma year.


This incident totally caused me to delay my first intended post.

Quote of the day:
"Since it's my last day, so I can eat a lot."
-Kelvin to his mother at the 'Gerai Makanan' two days back which was then being 'choi'-ed in a Chinese superstition kind of way by her-
(the 'eat a lot' means the Malay food in Terengganu, the 'last day' means my last day in KT)

The moral of the story is: Think twice before considering Air Asia. Be careful when boarding AK6337.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

SUKMA 2008

For starter, Terengganu is the host of SUKMA (Sukan Malaysia) this year which will be the twelveth installment. Fortunately enough, I am currently having my semester break and this enables me to catch a glimpse of the competition in my hometown itself. I decided to kill some time in the Kuala Terengganu Aquatic Centre for the swimming event yesterday with Wen Sher. I am quite fond of swimming competition since I was a kid so it would be nothing, but a wise choice for me to go.

Well, I was delighted to see how much Terengganu have changed since I last left the place to further on my studies. Once an abandoned public swimming pool, the place - now named Kuala Terengganu Aquatic Centre - is a very prestigious looking stadium just for the sake of hosting Sukma.

The beauty of the architectures

Alright, back to the competition, I am stoked as I am able to see my idol in the 'Malaysia swimming arena' - Daniel William Henry Bego, or most known as Daniel Bego. He is such a talented Sarawakian lad, breaking game and national records, with promising future ahead of him. And the fact that he is younger than me really inspires me more to work hard to achieve what I wanted all this while.

The competition was worth watching. One of the most notable one was when we were rooting for Carmen Ooi who represented Terengganu.

As stated on the board, Carmen won it for Terengganu. Hurray!! Congrats to her.

Daniel Bego!! Finally, I got to see him walking past me. The hilarious part was that me and Wen Sher was surrounded by a bunch of teenage girls that basically went to the competition to look for good looking, and hot bods swimmers clad in their swimming trunks instead of the competition itself. When Daniel was walking past us, one of the girls shouted "Daniel!!" to the top of her voice which caused him turn and look over in our direction.

In addition to that, it was such an ironic that there were quite a lot of familiar faces or I can put it, 'voices'. My secondary school teacher, Mr. Toh Chin Kiat is a volunteer while Jeffrey's voice was heard through the speaker announcing along with teacher Wan Ah Chooi. Jeffrey's dad was ushering the V.I.P (I guess). I even saw Mr. Chua of MMU Malacca.

I enjoyed every part of my time there. The last part was even better. It was the 4x200m Freestyle. I got to see Daniel Bego in action as well.

That is Daniel Bego ready to jump.
This is him again.The Sarawak team won the 4x200m Men's Freestyle. Congrats as they really did a good job to deserve it.

Above all, I get to take picture with Daniel Bego. Lolz :)

For more information, please visit

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Camp Rock

First of all, I would like to introduce her. Recently cast as Mitchie Torres for the upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie, Camp Rock, she is Demi Lovato. She is only 15 years old, and she can definitely sing better than Miley Cyrus. From left: Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas

Back to my title, Camp Rock as mentioned above is the upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie. Besides Demi Lovato, it also starred teen pop sensation, The Jonas Brothers with Joe Jonas taking on the lead actor role. Just like High School Musical, Camp Rock is also a musical. I felt Camp Rock will be one of my favourite Disney Channel Original Movie. By just looking at the trailer, I just can't wait to watch it. From the trailer, I see that Joe and Demi are way more compatible compared to Zac and Vanessa in HSM. The chemistry is so obvious.

Once again, Disney never fails to cast a spell on me with their original movies.

Camp Rock will premiere on the 20th of June in the U.S.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

An Encounter with Nature

I had been back for a few days now to Terengganu. Life seems to be a bit bored. Anyhow, I managed to enjoy some of the preserved natures that are obviously not available among the hustle and bustle of KL.

This is actually where the water tank is being built, but the surrounding is full of lush greenery and superb scenery.

The nice blue sky which is an absolute eye candy to me.

Below are a few of the plants that I found interesting. People might think those are just simple plants that are found everywhere, but how many of them actually appreciate what they are gifted with?


A rock? I guess you people will be thinking that I am indeed crazy for taking a picture of a rock. Maybe I am, maybe I am not. I am actually trying to emphasize on the fact that one rock like this is the basic building material of the house you are currently living in right now. In this modern and developing world where people seek for money, fame, and status, a rock means nothing to them. I believe the only 'rock' people are fascinated about are diamond, emerald and many other precious rocks plunging the neck or decorating the fingers of someone.

When I was there, the cooling gush of wind was very calming to me. It had been so long since I get the taste of the sea breeze. Besides, birds were flocking around the area.

As I am saving the best for last, this is my favourite part of the scenery.

The atmosphere when the sun almost set; it is nearing dusk.

Obviously, I did not forget to take my own picture there. =P

I really hope to create some awareness from this entry of mine. The beauty of nature is everywhere around us. We need to try our best to conserve it. Stop smoking! Stop open burning! Stop cutting down trees for your own profit! Sometimes, we even overlook certain basic details in our life due to distraction, including myself. I believe if we stop for a second or two to feel the natural surrounding, we will realise a lot from it.

Credit: To my parents for bringing me to such a place (for regular exercising) and to my camera phone that I managed to take some pictures worth noticing.


Monday, May 26, 2008

Dream Big

When I was a little boy.
I swore that I would change the world when I grew up.
Nothing else would be enough.

I see it everyday.
We settled for safe.
And lose ourselves along the way.

But if you don't dream big,
What's the use of dreaming?
If you don't have faith,
There's nothing worth believing.
It takes one look
To make the stars worth reaching for.
So reach out for something more.

It took a well perfected plan
For me to finally understand
That it's not me.
Faith is something you can't see.

I wiped my tears away.
Now its time for a change.
No I can't waste another day.

'Cause if you don't dream big,
What's the use of dreaming?
If you don't have faith
There's nothing worth believing.
It takes one look
To make the stars worth reaching for.

'Cause if you don't have faith,
What's the use of dreaming?
If you don't have faith
There's nothing worth believing.
It takes one look.
To make the stars worth reaching for.
So reach out for something more.

David Cook

An inspiring song for me.

A Tribute

This is a tribute to one of my favourite Thailand singing sensation duo, Dan & Beam. As my friends might know, I am an avid fan of everything about Thai namely its culture, food, language and not to mention, the music industry there. I just found out couple of hours ago that Dan & Beam officially announced their separation to pursue solo career in November 2007. I know it is indeed very late for me to write this tribute entry, but pardon me; it is as hard for me to catch up on the Thailand music industry as to the incidents happening within Malaysia itself. Perhaps, I am too caught up with the everyday life in campus.

So, back to the separation news, the duo started off as a trio with another former member, Big with the name of D2B. It is quite saddening news because eventually Big caught in an accident that took away his life after D2B garnered quite a success in Thailand earning them the Favourite Artist Thailand in the 2003 MTV Asia Award. The future of D2B took a turning point when that accident happened after just merely releasing three albums. Big suffered for about four years including going into comatose following the accident in June 2003 until he finally passed on to the afterlife on the 9th of December 2007.

Here is a link about his death:

I supposed I should tell a bit of my story on how I got to know D2B since they are from Thailand while I am just a resident in Malaysia. As a child, I grew up with the influence about the music industry there from my sisters: those times we had television shows like "Asia Bagus" and certain "MTV show" that exposed us to Thailand music. I guess this is how I grew up to love Thailand and the music there leading me to knowing D2B through the internet as well. When I was in secondary school, somewhere in the year 2004 to 2005, I used to stay up late to watch Astro Prima for the Thai series or the Thais calls it 'lakorn' - Wai Rai High School and Wai Rai Freshy. Wai Rai Freshy starred two of D2B's members, Big and Dan. This makes me like the group even more. Besides, I remember coming across Big's news in the local newspaper.

Dan & Beam caught my attention once again when they released an album as a duo entitled "Dan & Beam: The Album” back in 2005. I even got a chance to watch one episode of Dan & Beam travel series when I was in Bangkok last year. To top it up, recently, Beam had been chosen as the ambassador of WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature).

Lastly, I would like to say that I am looking forward to seeing Dan and Beam as solo artistes and may Big rests in peace. All I can conclude from this is that separation is something necessary that we deal in everyday life - friends come and go, parents will soon leave us as we get older (this is something I do not wish to deal for time to come), and lovers go on separate ways. This is in fact the hardest thing to deal on in life even for me.

D2B, Dan & Beam forever.


Here, I include a picture:

D2B with their 2003 MTV Asia Award

From Left: Dan, Big, Deam